PinterestPinterest.  Not such a new thing anymore and lots of changes have happened to this platform over the last few months.  From users not using it to promote their own products to now having specific features to be able to do this, Pinterest has really stepped up to being a fantastic tool to drive more business traffic your way.  For those that haven’t heard of what I am talking about, Pinterest is an online pinboard driven entirely by visuals. In fact, you can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image is involved.

Like every other social media site, Pinterest has its own lingo:

•  When you share something on Pinterest, each bookmark is called a pin.

• When you share someone else’s pin on Pinterest, it’s called a repin.

• You group pins together by topic onto various boards or pinboards in your profile.

One new tool is “Rich Pins”, when pinners find something they love on Pinterest, they often want to act on it. Maybe they want to buy the couch, rent the movie or bake the cookies they see. That’s why they have made pins better by including automatically updated details like prices, availability, movie reviews and ingredients.   An extremely valuable tool for those in business.  People are so visual and engage more with images rather than words.

A little whole ago, I asked some people already pinning to share some of their views.  Below are some tips that might help you with your Pinterest strategy and whether this tool is worth the energy for your Biz.  Pinterest is certainly here to stay and with millions of people using it, it would seem a great place to engage with people about your services and products.    To find out more, visit and if you would like help setting your own, just shoot us a message and we can help you get started.


Chris Von Wilpert from Snowed Under Sno Cones   Pinterest:

How long have you used it for?

We are a sno cone business, based in Brisbane, Australia who have used Pinterest since last year.

Do you have a strategy with your pins/boards or do you just pin away?

Yes, we attend different types of events with our sno cones like Sports/School Events, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Car Sales Days and Wedding Events so we group the pictures from the relevant events into those boards.

How have you attracted your following?

We have a slideshow with 5 of our best pictures at the top of the page. Directly underneath that is a link to “Check out more cool snow cone photos on Pinterest”. People attracted to our service see this when they first hit our page. People definitely like to see what they are getting and pictures of all of the kids having fun with our product at their sports carnivals definitely helps in building our businesses reputation in the marketplace, as well as cementing our service in people’s minds when they are looking to make a booking.

Do you think it helps sell your product or service?

For sure. When people call up to hire our sno cone setup, but aren’t exactly sure what it looks like we just direct them to our businesses home page and then ask them to click on the “more cool snow cone photos” button that links to all of the pictures of our events on Pinterest. They can instantly click on the board that corresponds to their type of event and see our setup and all the fun the kids get from our service as they scroll through the pins. And it doesn’t slow our website down with heaps of pics!


Hi my name is Jayde! I use pinterest for my small business – a volunteer organisation operating out of Indonesia. We encourage westerners to fly to Indonesia and volunteer as teachers. (Pinterest page available at

I have used Pinterest for about 12 months.  My aim was to show visually what life would be like in Indonesia for potential volunteers who are a bit sceptical or apprehensive.   I guess I use Pinterest in a way that is different to many businesses, who might be retail or craft related – they are showing off their products, whilst we are trying to use pictures to show experiences. I don’t know if Pinterest is the right platform for an experiential business like mine, but at least it’s raising some brand awareness.   I really think you need to be where your audience is, and if my audience is on Pinterest, I’m going to be on Pinterest too!

Sabi Style is a boutique Brisbane based interior design and decoration firm.

Pinterest boards:

Have been using it for about 18 months.  Initially it started as platform to collate inspiration and a way to brainstorm ideas.  With the ability to share boards we are starting to use it with clients who are having trouble expressing the look/feel they are after. This way they can create a board which then serves as a discussion point. We can both add to it, to further develop the concept/theme.

With clients that are stuck I suggest they just pin away, as the board grows a cohesive picture about what they really love begins to appear.   It has definitely helped with clients that have trouble expressing the look/feel they are after and indeed helped them better understand their likes and dislikes.  It is also a great way for potential clients to get a f eel for your creative side.


MayKing Tea

Hello there, my name is May King Tsang, first name May King and I’m the founder of MayKing Tea. I’m a Tea Note Speaker: hired to talk about all things tea. I’m a tea business mentor, helping those that want to start a tea business and are not sure where to start. I’m a writer, contributor to 3 books in the past, but 2013 I’ll be launching my first tea book. Oh, and I sell tea too :o)

I’m not entirely sure how long I have used Pinterest but my strategy is four-fold:

1. I use it primarily to advertise the up and coming Tea Note Speaking gigs that I’m doing. I love the fact that you can have all of the events (products or services) all in one pin board. When people ask me what I’m doing, I’ll point them to the Tea Note Speaking gig pin board which conveniently enables you to put a price to the pin too. Love that feature!!

2. The Tea for Ten Google+ hangouts on air (HOA) are broadcast weekly on YouTube to talk about different topics on tea. I use this for brand awareness as my ultimate goal is to be a Tea Rock Star and be invited by chat show hosts around the world to talk about tea.

3. Information. As a tea business mentor, I want to point my clients to useful blog posts and videos of tea related information. As a big big fan of Social Media, I also have a Social Media pin board to raise awareness about useful infographics. I recently had an article published in a book about Twitter where I relayed how businesses could use Twitter for their business.

4. Connection. As people like my pins or reshare them, I do my best to talk to all of those who have shared, liked and re-pinned. It’s polite, helps to start the dialogue and enables me to point them to other areas of Social Media such as my G+ profile, Twitter or FB page.


My Design Ethos

Through my blog ( I became of Pinterest very early on, as I noticed it developing a following in the US. I requested an invitation and started pinning straight away.

Since then I have found it an invaluable tool for my business and use it for a number of different purposes. For my blogging (a key element of marketing my online interior design business) it is extremely useful for finding new pictures, being able to track their sources and saving inspiration for future posts. I also use it on my business to save photos of different design styles to show clients, and help them develop recognition of what their style is. For custom design work, each client has their own board where we both pin pictures of styles, products and ideas we like.

Finally, I use Pinterest to promote my work by having my own ‘work’ board, and by encouraging others to pin my portfolio by having a ‘pinnab le’ website and having a ‘Pin it’ button on the blog.

You can see my pinterest boards at



My business is OzeHols a site for “Holiday accommodation in Australia”. The website is   OzeHols began using Pinterest about 12 months ago, Though these are early days, the Pinterest following is growing and there are many who visit the pages and either “follow” or “like” our pins.Have a look at our Pinterest page –

While our website is the main portal for guests to search, view, enquire and book accommodation, we use a Pinterest tab on the top of our website page to post beautiful pictures of properties and destinations. We also use Pinterest, for the public to engage with OzeHols. These are early days, but businesses who use Pinterest properly will have an advantage. We have created Pinterest boards which represent “key words” of our business and pictures are pinned under the relevant board. This will definitely help our Pinterest pins to be captured on search engines. When we have an interesting, engaging image, we pin it with a short description and also link the pins to our website then guests who view a pin can also visit our website.